bold. original. inspired.

childrenswear designed and handcrafted in haïti

wildandfreechildrenswear was built with high attention to detail in both fabric and design.

Childrenswear inspired by the elements of earth, sky and sea...


Our designs are flourishing in color and varied textures and our linen and lace line adds that touch of classy bohemian.  Most of our outfits we envision in a rainforest, or on a beach or in a lazy barefoot setting, nothing stilted or too structured.  Baby should be free, non!

Freed into wild

wildandfierce designs is a line of childrenswear designed for new mother’s who want to feel more inspired by their child’s wear. If somehow neither the cut or the color of the typical pretty pink dress suits your little one’s wild and fierce spirit, our pieces are designed to be more reflective of her uniqueness.

The value of handcrafted and passing on life skills

It is our desire to give the option of a baby gift that didn’t just come off of an assembly line somewhere half way across the world. Each of our outfits are made with the time and care it takes to make a truly beautiful handcrafted garment.

Support to Haitian livelihood strategies

Beyond fabric selection and design, our garments are also unique in that they are handcrafted in Haiti, meaning to every extent possible the materials used are sourced in Haiti and the hands that make them Haitian. There is a strong desire to support local livelihoods.

We do not simply make children’s clothes.  We aim to inspire confidence to the point where a women wants more for herself despite circumstance.

Our Patterns

Original design patterns drafted by seasoned designers and seamstresses.

Award Winning Quality

Solid design and sewing technique ensures highest possible quality of garments produced for inclusion in the wildandfiercechildrenswear design line up.

Made With Love

Each of our items were handcrafted initially for a’sya…our team’s inspiration. We pour this same kind of love and effort into the pieces handcrafted for you and your own little one.

Child First Thinking

We’re moms! Trust us;  we make every effort to ensure maximum comfort and ease of wear for your little one.

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Melanie and her team discuss the inspiration for her clothing line and its development.
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