“At the end of the day we must not miss what is right in front of us, we have to be present, and we have to want to pour the right kind of energy into the commitments we make to ourselves and to others. It is my hope that atelier makome be a place of light and solace where there is music and laughter, creative thought, spiritual consciousness and fulfillment of work well-done.” Melanie Y. Brierre Founder/ Project Lead


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August 19, 2014



August 19, 2014


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August 19, 2014


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August 19, 2014

wild and fierce is an entity that wishes to pass on life skills to women who might not otherwise have that opportunity. This is not to say we have neglected to draw on expertise in the world of fashion and design, business management and graphic design. We recognize that a strong team requires sharp skill sets in each of these disciplines, as well as a strong commitment to continued learning and mentorship.

In Haiti, social-strata is well-defined and can create a social hierarchy that is glaring in prejudice and mistreatment of those belonging to the lower echelons. wildandfierce represents an exchange where all are valued as contributors no matter the role. Hopefully this is a place where new belief in oneself is generated.

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